All About Astragalus: the Many Benefits of This Oriental Oil

What Is Astragalus Oil? Astragalus oil comes from the root of a plant known as Astragalus membranaceus, which has various names like Huang Qi, Bei Qi and Hwanqqi.1 It is native to northern China and the elevated regions of the Chinese provinces like Yunnan and Sichuan.2 A member of the pea family, astragalus was coined “Huang Qi,” which means “yellow leader” because of its yellow root. The plant also has a sweet-smelling yellow blossom and a hairy stem and grows best in sandy, well-drained soil, under the sun. The plant and its uses were discovered by a Chinese herbalist named Shen Nong nearly 5,000 years ago. He made a detailed record called “Shen Nong Pen Tsao Ching” (circa A.D. 100), which listed around 300 plants he discovered and served as a log of his research.3 Other varieties of astragalus can be found in Northern hemisphere countries with temperate climate like Mongolia,4 North Korea5 and Japan.6 Uses of Astragalus Oil Chinese medical history attributes the use of ast


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