Worm Therapy to Treat Inflammatory Disorders

By Dr. Mercola Scientists are sometimes excited when they break the news that humans are “teeming” with trillions of microbes, also known as biomes, the “critters” that make up the flora of our bodies. It’s one of the reasons why it makes sense to some that “fighting fire with fire,” so to speak, is the best way to combat certain diseases. Consequently, it was probably only a matter of time before using helminths — parasitic worms — to combat certain diseases became a “thing” once again in the scientific community. Surprisingly, reports of individuals who have been using helminths on themselves have grown into the thousands. The clinical description for the therapy is “the deliberate hosting of a controlled number of carefully selected, benign, intestine-dwelling nematodes (worms) known as helminths.”1 One theory is that these organisms are an “heirloom” species that humans inherited from their primate ancestors. Helminth therapy is not a new thing. It’s been used for centuries, t


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