Would You Choose to Stay Awake During Your Surgery?

By Dr. Mercola Staying awake during surgery is the norm for certain procedures, like some cesarean sections and brain surgeries. However, most people expect that they’ll be under general anesthesia should they require surgery. This may soon change, as increasing numbers of patients are opting to take control of their surgical experience and stay awake during the procedure. It’s a decision that comes with both benefits and risks — to the patient and the surgeon. Not every surgery is appropriate for staying awake, but if you’re given the option, here’s what you should consider. During Which Types of Surgery Can Patients Stay Awake? Not every hospital offers patients the “awake” option, even in surgeries for which it’s conducive, because it requires a customized experience. The surgeon must also be willing and the patient must be able to handle the procedure without becoming overly stressed or anxious. Assuming all of this lines up, orthopedic procedures, such as hand, kn


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