Can Young Blood Help an Old Brain?

By Dr. Mercola During the past 10 years or so, intriguing scientific studies on mice have suggested certain aspects of aging, including brain function, can be slowed or reversed when older animals receive blood from younger ones. A common technique used in such studies is called parabiosis — the process through which the circulatory systems of lab mice are surgically conjoined, co-mingling their blood. In studies dating from the 1950s, blood from young mice seems to have a rejuvenating effect on older mice. Most recently, researchers have attempted to isolate proteins in human blood plasma that may be responsible for improving brain function in old mice infused with it. In 2016, at least two startup clinics were launched in the U.S. to bring the concept of “young blood” to human beings through pay-to-participate clinical trials, mainly as a proposed anti-aging strategy, but also in hopes of counteracting chronic disease. At one such clinic in Monterey, California, called Ambrosia, i


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