Study Confirms: Trans Fats Policy Killed Millions

By Dr. Mercola For the past six decades, saturated fats and cholesterol have been wrongly vilified as the central culprit of heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. However, research has demonstrated that it’s actually sugar, refined carbohydrates, trans fats and processed vegetable oils found in many processed foods that are the real enemy. In the decades saturated fats were demonized, the food industry responded by replacing saturated fats with more shelf-stable trans fats and a new market of low-fat (high-sugar) foods was born. Americans’ health has plummeted ever since, and millions have been prematurely killed by this mistake. Making matters worse, genetically engineered soy oil, which is a major source of trans fat, can oxidize inside your body, thereby causing damage to both your heart and your brain. One of the first articles published exonerating saturated fats was in 1957 by Dr. Fred Kummerow,1 who has now spent eight decades absorbed in the science of lipids


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